The person who procreates, that is, conceives, bears and rears a child,
follows the basic law of the cosmic order and the biosphere, which
encourages us to multiply. This new life is worth much more than the
work of any scientist, strategist or celebrity. The heart and hand which
"draws" a child will help light separate from darkness, the Moon join
the Sun, the stars find their way, plants blossom and animals of the sea
and earth appear (and not disappear). The spirit fallen in love with life
will conquer chaos and turn the world's disorder into a bright cosmos
with man as its ornament. This world view, with the eternal law of
nature at its basis, can still be detected among the ethnic Hungarians
living in Moldavia (called csango's): they speak of an expectant
mother as of one who has future. But this future, that is, the culture of
blooming human life, is endangered by the civilisation of death, which
does not preserve the 3 billion year old natural instinct of creation. On
the contrary, it aims at killing it. Using the slogans and practices of
infertility, overtly or covertly, this force tries to overwrite the
rightness of Life and Future. Here, we aim at confuting these harmful
teachings resulting in the death of millions of humans, with the help of
a mother's drawing. Using a thin pen and a children's rhyme, she
shows her child the Future beginning with Life. If you acknowledge
the truth of nature's basic law born in the womb of all times, please
help her! Help her formulate the constitution of a world of
procreation, loving beauty and eternal freedom. Here and now, this
basic law says: Draw a baby! - Draw a house! - Draw a country! -
Draw a pro-life Europe! So say Yes to Hungary!
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